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Guest Book

14 Responses to Guest Book

  1. Marilyn Templeton

    I want to encourage everyone to keep voting daily for Jay. Some reminders to remember are: after you click “vote for me,” then you have to fill out the form that is at the bottom of the page with Jay’s entry information. You will get a “Thanks for voting” page and an email for confirmation. Please vote daily – but you have to wait 24 hours inbetween. The code was only for your first vote for an additional 5 votes; now each vote counts once. My calculations had Jay in first place at the end of last week, but our voting has slipped him back to second by 3400 votes. We need to rally!

    Thank you!

  2. Lizzie Hendricks Falkenberg

    I was a DG at IU. I pledged the year you graduated so we never lived in the house together, but I definitely remember you as I was a freshman and you were a senior. Oh my gosh…your story is heart wrenching. Please know that Jay is in my thoughts and prayers. What an amazing young man he is and so smart and so good looking! You have to be so proud. Please know that I will continue prayers for Jay’s recovery. Good luck at Duke. I am sure he will achieve great things.

    I will be at the DG house this weekend…my daughter is a freshman being initiated…so weird.

    Please take care and I will be thinking about you and your whole family.

    Lizzie Hendricks Falkenberg

  3. Michele Dusing

    Hi Jay

    Love the new website! We love to keep up with your progress. As always, we have you in our daily prayers!

    Mrs. Dusing

  4. Jason Moyars

    Brayden has 3 FInal Four Teams left. He picked Louisville, Ohio State and Kansas correctly. The one he got wrong is Duke. He had Duke playing Kansas and Duke winning it all. We found out that Brayden will be playing for the Irvington Tigers this year. He is really excited. His 1st practice is on Tuesday. He is playing up a level this year with the 7/8 year olds. He is hoping that some kids from Holy Spirit will be on his team. He did not get on the same team as his best friend but he told me that wad okay.
    Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers each and every day.
    Coach Jason, Anne Marie and Brayden

  5. Leigh Fickling

    Wahoooo! Love the new website. I bookmarked it, of course, because you know that I love to keep up with all-things-Jay. Keep up the good work, Jay. Your Duke family misses you and are so excited to see you soon!!

  6. Kate Thedwall

    Jay and Mary,

    What a tough week! We will have to get our prayer warriors into overdrive. I will be calling my aunt and uncle tonight who have had you in their novena since your accident. They are the best and never give up.

    One thing I know about your family guys, is that you pull together when times get tough. Please know that we will pull with you. More oars in the water Jay.

    You are with us always,
    Kate Thedwall

  7. Laurie O'Brien

    Hey, Jay!
    As usual I’m avoiding grading papers on a Sunday night, so I thought I’d check out the new website. I was so sorry to hear of your recent obstacle/setback, and I hope relief is on the way. I’m sure you’ve heard of our summer-like weather, so it’s probably smokin’ in Atlanta. How about our buddy April being voted graduation speaker?! She will be awesome–maybe you can give her some tips… Sorry about your Dukies, but I am pretty darn excited about the Hoosiers! Since they’re playing in Atlanta, maybe you and your mom can send them some good karma! IU in the Sweet 16 and Spring Break starting–it’s going to be a tough week to focus! As always, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep the faith to persevere.
    Love, Miss OB

  8. Sue Kempf

    Hello Jay and Mary, I hope you are able to enjoy some spring weather in Atlanta! It is absolutely gorgeous here. This weather always inspires me to get things done! I hope you will also feel a new push to continue your rehab! We pray that any headaches are subsiding so you can continue towards your goal! Always praying for a miracle!

  9. Helen Brown

    The new site looks great. Someone is wonderfully gifted in web design. Yeah for him/her.

  10. Allyson Darragh

    JAY BIRD!!! I am excited to post on this new website… I just wanted to tell you that I finally got ahold of the Colts video we are in and wow… we are quite the fans let me tell you! I will burn you a copy and get it to you as soon as possible! We are all thinking and praying for you everyday and are continuously amazed by your determination and strength. You are an inspiration to us ALL. Love you and miss you more than I can explain, never give up! XOXOXO :)

  11. Jason Moyars

    Just a little note to say that we are thinking and praying for you and your family each and every day. Brayden’s 1st grade class continues to pray for you each and everyday. He always asks me when I pick him up if I have an update or news on you. It is amazing how you have touched his life in the 2 years that he was around the cross country team. He actually picked Duke on a bracket to win. He told me ” Win for Jay, Duke”

  12. Sarah TeKolste

    Hi Jay and Patty,

    New website looks great!! Can’t wait to hear from you again!! Continuing to pray for you.

    All my love,


  13. Kathy Apple

    Thinking of you today as always. Wishing you happiness in all you have to offer life. I know you are a strong young man whom your parents are very proud of. Never doubt the faith and brains you have Jay as I am sure you will show all of us how to hurdle life’s trials.

  14. Patty

    Hi, Jaybird! Just testing out your new site! Thanks to Duane King, this is up and running! Miss you! xoxo
    p.s. Izzy says hi!

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