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Hello Everyone

Posted by on November 29, 2011
written by Jay Ruckelshaus

Hello Everyone, In the true spirit of this past Thanksgiving Holiday, I would like to thank everyone who has given their time, talent and treasure as well as all your hard work towards my recovery. To say we are humbled by the down pouring of support and compassion is an understatement/litotes.? In Arabic there’s a word that roughly translates into the English term, “clout”.? One of the most frustrating things about translation is its inability to capture the true meaning of language spoken in different tongues. Just as the electric signals fail to reach my feet, two people of different cultures often remain irreparably separate, and translation is at fault.? So back to the Arabic term,it refers more to the constellation of friends and support upon which one can rely.??It is the ultimate comforter in times of both happiness and trial, complete and secure.

I hope you all see where I’m going with this analogy.? I sense all of your good thoughts and prayers as an almost physical comforter.? You all are my “clout”.

I want to thank everyone who came out to support me at the Usual Suspects a week ago, particularly the Browning Family and the rest of the Cathedral Crew.? An unfortunate reality of spinal cord injuries is the hurdle posed by expensive equipment and therapy.? While money was never paramount for me, pre injury, I recognize its importance in my recovery.? Therefore, your generosity is so appreciated.? Know that I’m trying my best to take full advantage of all the opportunities presented to me,at Shepherd and beyond.? I have further news of monumental importance, I finally cut my hair.? You’re Welcome! Til next time- thanks for the clout.


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