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What a Week

written by Mary Ruckelshaus These past ten days have been some of the most emotionally and physically draining since Jays accident, almost eight months ago.We started it by making a much anticipated journey up I 85 to finally meet with the folks at Duke. What an amazing visit it was. Jay, filled with excitement and … Continue reading »

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Jay Visits Duke

written by Patty Torr Just a quick note – I’m hoping that, perhaps this weekend, Jay will be able to add his own thoughts about Duke, but I wanted to share a couple of photos with everyone (with Mary’s blessing) ;-). ?The folks at Duke are EXTREMELY excited to have Jay Ruckelshaus as a part … Continue reading »

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Prayer Request

written by Patty Torr Hello – the following was sent to my by Jay’s Uncle Keith.? Keith’s sister is going to Lourdes on Jay’s behalf.? Please read below: We all know that Jay Ruckelshaus had an unfortunate accident on 7/16/2011. At this time he is quite busy getting better and doesn’t have too much time … Continue reading »

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Man’s Best Friend!

written by Patty Torr I received this post tonight from John Ruckelshaus:”For centuries dogs have been considered man’s best friend. There are rescue dogs. There are dogs who aid firefighters, there are dogs who rescue trapped humans buried in rubble. And then there is a dog named Teddy.Recently, the physical therapists discovered a “flicker” in … Continue reading »

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Where in the world is Jay?

written by Patty Torr Good afternoon!??Well, the last time you heard from me and the Ruckelshaus family, we told you Jay was coming home for an uncertain amount of time, making a ?pit stop? en route to his next round of therapy, wherever that might be.?WELLLLL?.there is some very good news to report! Below is … Continue reading »

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Jaybird Flies Home!!!

written by Patty Torr I woke up this morning thinking about Jay.? This day is going to be an absolute whirlwind for him.? I suspect right about now, he is eating breakfast and getting ready to go to the gym where he has to be at 8 a.m.? From there he will have a series … Continue reading »

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Hello Everyone

written by Jay Ruckelshaus Hello Everyone, In the true spirit of this past Thanksgiving Holiday, I would like to thank everyone who has given their time, talent and treasure as well as all your hard work towards my recovery. To say we are humbled by the down pouring of support and compassion is an understatement/litotes.? … Continue reading »

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